Company History

Gateway's designs have been adapted by many Fortune 500 companies for every application. Today, Gateway Engineering is the leader in the field of speed increasers and reducers. Regardless of your application, we are ready to serve you. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will work to satisfy your requirements.

Industries Served

• Aerospace • Nuclear
• Commercial • Military
• Oil Field • Dredging
• Marine • Automotive


Engineering Approved -- All applications are carefully reviewed to insure proper recommendation and installation.

Engineering Excellence -- Computer designed to assure adequate capacity, proper tolerances and manufacturing techniques

Engineering Analysis -- By the top gearing and gearbox specialists in the country. Special problems associated with high speed equipment relating specifically to gear transmissions are at your disposal.

Engineering Versatility -- Reductions gears, speed increasers and transfer cases in capacities to 5,000 HP at speeds to 125,000 RPM -- custom designed to your specifications.

Our Customers

• Sundstrand Aviation • Lockheed Martin
• Lucas Aerospace • Lucas Western
• General Electric • Williams International
• Teledyne CAE • British Aerospace
• Allied Signal Aerospace • Simmonds Precision
• Westinghouse • Textron-Lycoming
• Pratt & Whitney • Sikorsky
• Boeing ...And Many More