High-Quality, Custom-Built Speed Increasers and Reducers

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  • High-Speed, High Output, High Quality product
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Reduction Gears

Dependable -- Precision built for heavy-duty loads for continuous day and night operations. Gateway provides input speeds necessary for today's big diesel, gas turbine and other gas engines. Helical gears and/or herringbone gears are of Alloy Steel and properly heat-treated for ultimate strength and endurance -- hard and ground wear-resistant faces -- tough and shock-resistant cores.

Economical -- To meet various speed requirements, units can be provided with a wide variety of ratios. Customized to your application.

Applications -- Pumps, generators, power shovels, rock crushers, dredges, winch drives, locomotives, cranes, drilling rigs and hoists are just a few of the many applications in which reduction gears excel.

Regardless of your application, Gateway can provide a reduction gear to precisely fit your needs.

Right Angle Drives

Heavy-Duty -- All heavy-duty components are engineering to withstand extreme punishment and shock loads. May be independently or directly mounted to the driver with shaft in either horizontal or vertical positions.

Gateway Right Angle Drives are available in a variety of specifications for your custom application.

High Speed Transmissions

Wide Variety -- Gateway Engineering high speed transmissions are available in a variety of sizes and configurations up to 5,000 HP at 125,000 RPM, single or multiple outputs as speed increasers or reducers.

Applications -- Test stands for jet fuel pumps, jet compressor testing, hydraulic pumps, constant speed drives, shaft seals and generator and alternator drives.

Ask our specialists about custom units for gas turbine drives and component testing.

Options -- All units are available with standard keyed shafts or splined shafts for input, output, or A.N.D. mounting flanges. Instrumentation and lubrication supply is available for all gearboxes to your specification.

Gateway Also Offers The Following Services Through Its Partners In Manufacturing

• Precision Cut/Ground Gear & Spline Manufacturing up to AGMA 14

• Precision Ball Screws for Machine Tool and Aerospace Applications

• Precision Machining, Welding and Tool & Die Services